Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Nivea Lip Butter

I first heard about the new Nivea Lip Butter's from seeing a few blog posts about them then I saw them in boots not long after. I wasn't really interested in buying them as I usually just buy any lip balms, mainly the vaseline ones which I find don't work very well anyway but I still buy them, pointless really. Anyway I saw these in Sainsbury's last week and knew I was in need of a new lip balm. This one attracted me because I love the smell of raspberry's, as soon as I smelt it I fell in love so purchased it straight away. 

I have to say it does smell lovely and is very addictive. I am one of these people who is constantly putting on lip balm when I'm at home, I'll put it on repeatedly for about an hour which really is probably not the best thing to do. It is moisturising but I don't find it any different to the vaseline ones apart from it smells and looks much better and is obviously a butter and not vaseline but I know I will continue to buy it because of the scent.

These are £1.99 and be found it literally most stores such as Boots, Superdrug and Supermarkets. 

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