Monday, 1 April 2013

A catch up...

Last week I really wanted to go to Sutton as I hadn't been since last year, it looked so nice all covered in snow, yes we had more snow. I love the snow but we had quite a lot January/Feb time and to have it again and lots of it in what's meant to be spring is annoying and it just becomes a pain. 

I use lip balms constantly and when I mean constantly I can sit there for hours keep applying it until I get a horrible taste in my mouth from using too much, it doesn't help when it smells nice too like this one does that I purchased the other day from Sainsbury's. I had heard about the new nivea lip butters when they first came out but didn't really smell them until the other day and I fell in love with this one and had to get it. 

I am in love and have been since January with my highlighter, I had never used one before as I always steered towards a very matte looking face but I hate that now and I watched a you-tuber use this one, I ordered it straight away and haven't stopped using it ever since, I feel weird when I am not wearing it, like there's something missing on my face.

I love love love and am probably in love with Costa! 
I go there at least once a week and love it. I didn't like these bourbons when I first tried one but then I tried one again and thought it was ok, I think it depends on my mood whether I like it or not. They are so huge and can be quite sickly but I love taking photo's of them. I wouldn't have them on a regular basis, I much prefer the hot chocolate.  

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