Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What I purchased at the Clothes Show Live

I honestly don't think I brought much because I don't tend to buy stuff I know I won't use now, I use to love doing that but then regret it once I'd got home so that's a no go now lol!

First I went to find the Lee Stafford stand and brought 3 products for £10 then the lady said I could have another product for £2 which is a really good deal seeing as all of these below products are over £5. The hairspray and shampoo I've used before and love, I needed heat protection so thought I'd try this one and have wanted to try the salt spray for a while. I will probably do a review of the salt spray once I've gave it a try. 

I then went to the Models Own stand and picked up 3 nail varnishes for £10 and got a free goodie bag with £85 worth of products in (said it on the big board) there is a lot of products but most I haven't opened because I know I wont use them so many put them in a give away if I do decide to do one.

There was some very lovely stalls there selling amazing things. I noticed lots of bags that I liked around on the stalls but not one that I instantly wanted to buy then near to the end just before I decided to leave the NEC to catch the train back I noticed a stand with some gorgeous bags, I liked a few but loved the one pictured below so decided to purchase it, It is real italian leather, priced up at £110 but I got it for £35 amazing or what??? Love it :) the picture doesn't do it much justice but it really is so smart and lovely (crappy picture).

When you purchase your tickets for CSL sometimes there is an offer on that you get something free when you order your tickets, for me and the bfs tickets we got free tights we just had to give the vouchers in to the stand ' Pretty Polly Tights' then we got them in a pink bag (unfortunately didn't get to choose the style I wanted). Obviously the Bf wasn't going to keep his for himself as tights really aren't his thing hahaha! so I had both bags, the patterns on the tights aren't very nice so I won't be wearing them and they may be in a give away too, not too sure as of yet though.

I love the things that I brought and can't wait to go again next year, If you haven't ever been you need to you will honestly love it :)


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