Saturday, 3 December 2011

30 Day Beauty Challenge : Day 03 — Your hairstyle

I tend to always have my hair big and back combed, If I don't and I don't feel like me, it's actually hard to explain how it makes me feel but I think it's because I'm so use to it now and it's like a type of security blanket or something maybe? I do try and have it flat to give it a break but that only usually happens if I know I'm going to be staying in for the day.  Here's a few ways of which I usually have my hair ...

Most of the time the styles I have are down and straight with lots of volume, Side low pony with volume or a high pony with volume. I do sometimes have it curly but it's very rare, I wasn't too keen on my hair how it was curly in the picture above, not sure why but it did look better than on the photo. I really do want to start trying new styles but am so hooked on the usual ones. 



  1. Aww I'm the same. I don't feel right if my hair isn't big and volumised! It's weird but I feel like if my hair is crap and flat, people haven't seen the real me haha if you know what I mean! Please tell me how you achieve big hair! At the moment I use 'Dust It' with a little back combing and sometimes I spritz a bit of Batiste XXL volume in but I feel it's not enough! Always trying to poof it up with my hands throughout the day argh! xx P.S Your hair looks lovely curly xx

  2. Thank you :). I know exactly what you mean, that's how I feel too it's so strange lol! I've tried everything, volume powders etc and the best thing that works for me is using a shampoo that is meant for volume atm I'm using John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Volume shampoo and I just backcomb lots and lots and use tresemme freeze hold hairspray the white one, it literally is amazing. Hope that helps :) xxxx

  3. Ahhh thank you! I will def try some volumizing shampoos and a decent hairspray! I feel like there are perfect products out there for me but annoyingly, I've gotta spends of money first on ones that aren't as good before I ever find them haha! Hopefully this will make a difference xxx

  4. If i had long hair i'd have it big too :-)

    Holli x